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William Landis (they/them) is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound designer based in Wilmington, Delaware.


In creating music and sound design for independent video games, Keyboard Crusade saw their instrumental and vocal skills on full display, while Loop Fighter showcased Wil's ability to craft snappy music that evolves with game progression. Web Crawl, a game jam submission, was praised by the jam host and other entrants for its unique and addicting minimalist score and audio design.


While earning their degree in composition at Westminster Choir College, William was recognized by faculty for Brick Man, an award-winning cartoon on which they were the sole creator, writer, director, animator, and composer.​

At Westminster, William studied voice with Mark Moliterno and composition with Dr. Christian Carey and Dr. Joel Phillips. They also studied organ with Alan Morrison and Michael Diorio.


When they're not composing or working on a game, Wil works as a livestream technician at the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew & Matthew. After moving back home to finish college remotely, Wil continued their organ studies on the lovely Quimby that resides at SsAM.

Wil formed SsAM's livestream department upon graduation, where they continue to work and practice the organ.

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